Is Sunday the new Saturday?

Thursday has been the new Friday for ages,  I’m now floating the idea that Sunday is the new Saturday.  I have had some great enjoyable Sunday evenings,  this is why I think Sunday should be your favourite night out:

- It is perfectly acceptable to get on the hard liquor early, usually in the guise of a healthy looking bloody Mary

- It is that much quieter everywhere, no long queues at the bar or stalking for tables– which means going to multiple places and trying trendy places you can’t usual get into is easier.

- It feels like a bonus day out, by making the most of Sunday it lengthens the weekend. Much better than giving in to that sinking feeling that the weekend is over with Antiques Roadshow watching.

- Unlike a Saturday you don’t have to invite the world, no one is offended if you have an amazing Sunday and they weren’t invited.

- You can go out and avoid the out of towners and Stag/ Hen parties

- Don’t need to get buy a new outfit, don the heels, lashes and makeup.

- You can have your hangover in worktime ;)

Below are few recent Sundays with their reviews. Any great Sunday suggestions please let me know….

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