Hawksmoor Air Street - 5a Air Street, London, W1J 0AD


5a Air Street, London, W1J 0AD

I am a fan of Hawksmoor and I needed to be to bear the rain and sale shoppers that occupied Regent Street the week after Xmas. It was crazy with tourists and I stupidly thought that it was equidistant to Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus – it isn’t.  I should know this, I have been to two previous restaurants that resided here neither particularly memorable.  The lobby was the perfect antidote to the craziness outside, our coats were taken and we were directed to the bar to meet the rest of the party. Although I didn’t stay in the bar I was really impressed by the size and style of it, unlike Spitalfields bar there was plenty of space to stand which is preferable when meeting up with a group .  I am rarely in the area, but if stuck in sale hell again will pop in for a restorative cocktail.

We were seated at large crescent booth which fitted our group of 7 and baby very comfortably. The restaurant was very quiet which I was slightly surprised about given the craziness outside. The diners had been strategically split into those with kids and those without.  Even though there were a number of children dotted about the tables were well spaced out and it was not noticeable.  If only other restaurants would use the same common sense. There has been so much written about the food that there seems little point going into too much detail. The standard was up there with the other establishments, the new fish dishes are a great addition for those not that mad about steak.  My only slightly negative was that when we ordered the rib eye they suggested we go medium rare instead of rare. My husband stuck to his rare and I wish I had, it just isn’t as tender and am not sure that it has the extra flavour that they were purporting.  Also a special mention must go to the new Rolo dessert. 3 homemade rolo’s thrice the size of a packet one.  They were delicious, relatively cheap and perfectly sized for those not wanting a massive dessert.

Bit of rubbish picture of the Ribeye

After great service that we made of point of mentioning, we got a panicked maitre d finding running down the stairs saying we had underpaid by over £100 after some receipt checking it was resolved (there cock up, very apologetic),  slightly embarassing but not enough to take the edge of the lunch.

Air Street has a relaxed atmosphere with glam surroundings and great acoustics; we could easily talk across the table for 8, even with some chattering kids present. The noise level probably rises in the evenings, but the signs were good. Just seen they have launched a bar menu there too, will definitely try.

Talk Rating: 5/5 (probably less in the evening)

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