The Holly Bush, 22 Holly Mt London NW3 6SG
Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 3:59PM
Alice Kearney

Go back 50 years and all pubs in London probably looked like this well all pubs in smart parts in London anyway. A fullers pub, which is not necessarily a good sign awaited. I had done a quick search on my phone and this was top of the reviews, so I headed down there with my sister. The menu was quite short and had quite a wintery feel. Pub favourites like steak and ale pie sat alongside textures of heirloom tomatoes. Feeling a little adventurous I went for the tomatoes with barley rice, my sister went for the steak. It was not my typical pick from a menu, but it was a welcome change from the carb/meat filled offerings.

textures of heirloom tomatoes

I was pleasantly surprised by the very usual combination of tomatoes, avocado and basil. There was every type of tomato the tiny red variety, green and purple ones. It was a very accomplished dish that left me not feeling too envious of my sister’s steak. She did share some and it was perfectly cooked.We didn't opt for a dessert but intead went for the petit fours, much more delicate than a full dessert and something for everyone; macroon, meringue, fudge, cartucci and truffle. All had a hint of aniseed, which is not usually to be my liking but was subtle enough not to dominate.

Holly Bush petit fours

The staff were plentiful and efficient the clientele were a mixture of posh locals, tourists or possible American locals and us a bit of an oddity.  It was what you expect from Hampstead, but at its relaxed best.

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