Ratings explained

Each review has either a talk or a dance rating dependent. The higher the talk rating the easier it is to talk, obviously this is not always a great thing as you Wetherspoons has no music and can be a bit souless. The corresponding description should make give a fuller picture of the ambiance.

Where possible I have detailed times where it may be quieter, dancing starts etc. Also where relevant the sort of people that will be there, which can often have an effect on the feeling of a place.

All the rating are very subjective and may be influenced by thetime of day, particular stafff, or how I am feeling :), so feel free to contact us and disagree.

Talk rating:

0/5 - No chance of talking, your ears will  ring later, would expect this rating at a club or festival

1/5 - Can just about hear someone next to you if you shout in their ear

2/5 - Need to shout to talk but can hear

3/5 - Hard to hear across a table when talking at normal level

4/5 - Some music or ambiant noise but does not impede talking across a table

5/5 - No ambient noise