Why create a review site that concentrates on music levels? 

Well ..over the last few years we have noticed a real change in the volume of music; everywhere from the good old fashioned pub to the local bistro. It seems that music rather than being an enhancer to the ambiance takes over. Therefore we started to review places so that others could benefit from our findings.

Why do places to do this?

  1. it is not that loud we are just getting old (late 20's and mid 30's) :)
  2. they want you to drink more (maybe an urban myth, but plenty of evidence out there)
  3. it is far more fun for the people working there (defo the case in some pubs where at midday they have banging house playing)
  4. It makes the place look far more trendy|hip|younger

On the site we give it a talk rating, because we usually go out to talk. Of course sometimes you do want music and for it to be loud and at that point you probably want to dance. So we also give a dance rating if appropriate.

We both live in North East london and therefore have a bias on these areas, if you would like to add your review, please fill in the contact us form.