Want to know whether a bar, restaurant or club is suitable for that girly chat or romantic meal, check our reviews below. Each review has a talk or a dance rating rating out of 5. 


The Well & Giant Robot: Clerkenwell 25/04/12

Last night, through the wind and the rain went to the Well in Clerkenwell for a birthday meal. The food was good, if a little expensive for what it was, however with the TopTable deal got 25% off which evened it out.  The ambiance was a little different to previous visits partially because of the weather but also there was a birthday downstairs which was in full swing. You could hear the music downstairs, which seemed slightly offbeat to the dining experience, but was not intrusive.  Talk rating Talk rating: 3/5

Afterwards we went to Giant Robot, a take on a NY diner. Just had cocktails, which they were fine with when we asked, but had three waitresses ask us for our food order - slightly annoying. Cocktails were good, and we liked the ambiance more of a brunch place though, when I can imagine it gets rammed.

Talk rating Talk rating: 5/5

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