SushiSamba - 27/09/12

I am amazed that have I not heard more about SushiSamba, its neighbour Duck and Waffle has had quite a lot of blog coverage, but Suhisamba has not figured on the radar at all. I also work less than 2 minutes away, so it was a surprise when I saw it as one of the most talked about restaurants in a Zagat email.

Outside terrace before sunsetFrom the pictures it looked huge and spectacular, but the number one reason to go was obviously for the view. For those of a delicate disposition I should forewarn you the lift is quick, very quick and goes up very high; 40 floors. My drinking companion for the evening and I felt peaky and slightly shaky when we got out, apparently they have already slowed it down (I am not sure that is true.) As you are launched rapidly skywards the most amazing views of London are revealed.

CocktailOn arrival you have a few options, if you are just drinking; there is a bar on the left hand side with views to the South or you can go downstairs to the roof terrace with its Orange glowing tree set against a backdrop of the North east of London, the final option is a smaller bar with again views towards the shard.  So apart from the views is it worth the rocket ride to the 40th floor? The positives; service was quick even at its busiest times, the drinks were expensive but not outrageous a glass of Laurent Perrier was £12.50 with cocktails around £10 and all the staff we encountered were super friendly and not pretentious, the acoustics were really good, even when it became packed it was easy to hear yourselves. On the negative side, we got charged 12.5% service charge when purchasing at the bar, v annoying; The clientele was very one dimensional mainly middle aged suited men taking clients out, not enough seating and no cover from the elements in the outside areas.

Outside terraceView from 39th floorAll in all though a fun place, amazing views but may end up a bit of a tourist trap due to its WOW factor.

Talk Rating: 5/5

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