Liverpool Street Lunches

Fish Market, New Street

As I work really close to this new D&D operation, I was keen to try it out. It was also restaurant week so I could try it at lunch for the princely sum of £20 for 3 courses and a glass of Champagne even with the requisite 12.5% service charge you couldn’t go too wrong could you? Firstly the design is fresh and casual looking, not quite sure I agree with Jay Rayner that the place looks like the inside of a trawler, a posh fish counter would be more accurate. After seeing the New Street Grill it felt more welcoming and less stuck up for a non suited group.  There was no background music to speak of and even when busy it was easy to hear everyone.

The food was good, not amazing but solid, it is always hard to judge when eating a cut price menu. We did end up ordering an extra side of fries and I seemed to have got a great batch again not the same experience as Mr Rayner.  However the issue was the timings, we like most people get an hour or so for lunch and therefore want the option to finish within 1.5 hours. The leisurely affair took 2 and that was after some complaining and us paying before our desserts. They did take off one of the champagnes, my friend had ordered off menu and so the champagne was not included, not sure whether it was purposefully or a happy mistake.

I think it may take a while to get the service and food consistent; great whilst there is an offer on like half a lobster, fries and a glass of sparkling wine for £17.50

Talk Rating: 5/5

The Breakfast Club

Club SandwichThe Breakfast Club was somewhere I have wanted to try but been put off by a number of bad reviews, it is more of a brunch place although a Friday hangover lunch served me fine. The menu is typical American diner food with the ubiquitous English Breakfast options on there. Décor is grungy and as with the staff too cool for school. The food was perfectly good and came in a reasonable time.  Where is fell down was the music, lots of 80’s tracks at a Friday night bar level. As I ordered the waitress, who couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear he,  said ‘we need subtitles in here’ my response was ‘or you could turn down the music’. It became clear this was a place for students who had no intention of talking to each other but just wanted to look cool, I am so over that. It’s a shame that the noise is my lasting memory as the food and service was good.

Talk Rating: 2/5

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