Giaconda Dining Room - 9 Denmark St London WC2H 8LS

The west end is not where you usually find well cooked food in a relaxed atmosphere at a reasonable price, but I think GDR did all of these things.   The lines of tourists queuing at the garish Mexican round the corner reminded me why I don’t come into the west end at the weekend.  However it was the complete opposite when we arrived at GDR, where is looked closed from the outside. Once inside we were offered a table in the rather uninspiring, empty front room, or the far brighter and busier back room, we chose the latter.

Steak Tartare

The menu is predominantly French with some Mediterranean dishes, nothing standing out as particular unusual, but classic combinations. The stand out dish from our starters was my steak tartare which was plentiful everyone got a bite. It was not the prettiest as the picture attests, but extremely tasty. They had a large selection of fish on the menu, although we all chose meat which was cooked superbly, we guessed it had been sousvide. I had the veal with macaroni cheese, which was extremely succulent, the macaroni slightly odd choice but went very well even if a bit too creamy for my tastes. The sides were quite heavy with 2 people having lamb, one chose not to have the gnocchi which was slightly heavy combination. We choose one cheese and one desert, the cheese was huge and way too much for one, but worked for sharing the dessert was tasty if not refined.  The atmosphere was slightly muted as it was so quiet but it was a relief for us much preferring to be on the quiet rather than the raucous side. 3 courses and 2 bottles of wine between 4 came to mid £40’s each , a bargain for this area.

Talk Rating: 5/5 may be noiser in the week.

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See note from GDK; "1 clarif - we don't use sous vide - that's only 4 people who can't cook." My bad!

July 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEditor

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