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Bob Bob Ricard 1 Upper James St, Soho, London W1F 9DF

After a matinee in the west end, a group of us decided a cocktail was in order before dinner. The west end is not somewhere I would choose to drink cocktails, too many places serve expensive premixed drinks in a crowded noisy environment.  BBR I had been assured would not be like this.  The entrance on the side of Beak street is reasonably unassuming, it is once the door is opened that the opulence and pretentiousness take over. A gaggle of waiter, receptionists and coat handlers meet you with the eponymous words ‘Do you have a reservation?’ it was 6 oclock and the place was pretty empty. After a quick look at the ipad it was determined we could have 2 seats at the bar and the other 2 would need to stand. When we were shown to the bar there was not a soul there, we were informed by the bartender that we could have all four seats .

Oyster dirty martini

The cocktails ranged from £11 to my oyster one at £14.50, which is not too bad, but automatic tip is added which I think is a bit much when you sit at a bar, also no nuts or snacks which you would get at a hotel.  The cocktails were tasty, but not world class my dirty martini with oyster did not have enough brine in it, even with the addition of the oyster juices the balance was not right. It also lacked the ice cold feel I would have expected

Although not the most positive review, would recommend to take visitors.

Talk rating: 5/5 (however were there early)

Bob Bob Ricard on Urbanspoon Square Meal

Drapers Arms, 44 Barnsbury St, London, Greater London N1 1ER

Although I had been to the Drapers Arms before it was for a wedding.  I didn’t write it up though as critically judging someone’s wedding is weird and wrong. This time I was attending a birthday, I was told the staff were great when booking the area for the last minute request. It is a foodie pub and therefore a birthday party with increasing numbers and loud minglers not always great for the diner. It was a Friday evening and sunny so expected there to be a crush, and although busy at the entrance with the large bar the garden was relatively empty. Once we moved inside to our reserved table numbers were tight and we did encroach on a table of 6 which was squeezed tightly in the corner. If you want a peaceful meal I would ask to be near the back, further away from the bar. 

Duck confitJumbo quail casear salad

Steak and Chips

I and a few friends took an empty table to have a sit down meal and immediately bread and water was brought over. We just ordered a main, mine was a ‘jumbo’ quail Caesar salad. Not sure that is was jumbo or whether I want a quail to be so but regardless the meat was moist and the skin crispy.  It was super tasty, but also light enough for a night out. My friends enjoyed their meals too, with perfectly cooked steak and duck confit. The staff were really helpful throughout definitely one you could go back to again and again. 

Talk Rating: 4/5 (back of pub) 3/5 if near the bar

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The Rum Kitchen, 6-8 All Saints Road, London. W11 1HH

After our recent trip to Barbados we all decided to get together and revisit the food and drink of the Caribbean.  Unbeknownst to me it was on the other side of London,  Ladbroke Grove.  I was reliably informed that Prince Harry had been spotted at the restaurant last week, which slightly dampened my enthusiasm for what had been billed as an authentic Caribbean experience. 

We arrived and my worst fears were realised, trying to get through the bouncer than door was not the relaxed eating style I was looking for.  However we were seen quickly and ushered to our table, thankful we weren’t stuck at the already rammed bar.  We were sat next to the kitchen and my anxiety levels started to rise; crowds, kitchen table and a cacophony of ‘made in chelsea’ wannabees not a great mix. The staff though managed to turn me around slowly but surely, firstly by getting our cocktails in a reasonable hour and them tasting pretty good.  My first cocktail a little weak in flavour it was a Sharman’s Cox Daiquiri, my next a Grog tasted twice as strong and lasted longer.

The Rum Kitchen - Sharman’s Cox Daiquiri

Rum Kitchen - Grog  When the starters arrived, I think everyone was slightly annoyed we didn’t get more; spicy chicken wings were spicy and crispy, the saltfish fritters tasted of fish but were light. We all enjoyed our mains and I was surprised how much flavour they packed into my perfectly cooked seabass. 


The Rum Kitchen - crispy chicken wing

As we left the downstairs bar was packed with ‘younguns’ and not our scene so left for a local pub. . It was buzzy without being unbearable; it just depended who you sat next to.  Overall great food and staff who coped admirably in the busy circumstances.

Talk Rating: 3.5/5

The Rum Kitchen on Urbanspoon Square Meal

Searcy’s Champagne Bar, and Bryon Burgers – both in 1 New Change, London, EC4M 9AF

1 New Change is a great shopping centre with amazing views to St Paul’s, but not the first place you would think of to go out for an evening. However it is between my friends and my work so thought it would make sense. My friend has suggested Madisons, a cocktail and tapas bar but I looked at the reviews and the prices and thought that Searcy’s gave a lot better value for money. They have a bubble hour, which is actually 3 hours (6pm-9pm) of cut price cocktails and champagne. At £6.50 a glass of champagne or cocktail it seemed very reasonable. I first had a cocktail whilst waiting for friends, and chose the number 1 a passion fruit mix with champagne.  The passion fruit did sing out and the occasional crunch of the seeds was pleasant, however it was a little light on the champagne for me, and therefore was gone within a few minutes. Once the others arrived went for the champagne deal at £38 a bottle. The atmosphere is slightly strange as it basically a shop unit and although the design inside is in keeping with a cocktail bar, the fact you can still see the inside of the mall detracts from an exclusive, sophisticated feel. There was a bit of a scramble for seats, with many being reserved and the huge bar in the middle seemed to swamp the space with little room for chairs. We sat at the bar until a table was free. Bar stools are not great for girls that are vertically challenged with large bags. I think they got the music just about right, slightly louder than I find ideal but I think that it was needed to separate it from the mall.

Talk Rating: 3.5/5

 Bryon Cheese Burger

After the champagne happy hour was over and they were chucking everyone out, we weren’t sure if they were closing or if it was for a private party we went across the road to Bryon burgers. All the restaurants were really busy which surprised ina a shopping mall at 9.00, we were lucky to get a table at Bryon. I have wanted to try it for a while, but have been trying to be healthy. I went for a plain cheese burger, fries and onion rings to share. The burger was perfectly cooked for me, as requested medium rare. It was juicy without being super sloppy and impossible to eat. Chips and onion rings were crunchy and far too tasty. Atmosphere was buzzy, but not unpleasantly packed and service was friendly but efficient. All in all great for a quick, but tasty bite to eat.

Talk Rating: 4.5/5


Cutler Bar - 01/03/13

9a Devonshire Square, London EC2M 2AE

A very quick post as only stopped in for a quick one.

Cutler Bar has just opened in Devonshire Square it  is below the Sushinho restaurant run by the same people. Sushinho is  Brazilian Japanese fusion which seems all the rage at the moment.  The prices are somewhat eye watering and probably only suitable for Chelsea set (where there other outpost is ) and the City expense accounts. However I like a good cocktail and Devonshire terrace across the way was pretty lack lustre so thought would give the bar a try.

Dark and stormy at Cutler bar

The staff were very attentive taking coats showing us into the basement bar, which was dark and moody space with little outside light. Seating consisted of large leather banquettes and stools at the bar. The place was close to empty, pretty strange on a Friday night in the City which probably down to the  lack of promotion or any opening offer. I ordered a Dark and Stormy which arrived with some snacks, think these were deep fried parsnip slices. Cocktails were strong and flavourful and flaming in my case (not sure if you can quite see it in the photo).  Service was prompt, but you wouldn’t expect anything less as it was quiet. Very hard to judge the atmosphere when it was that empty, but music wasn’t ramped up to compensate which was a plus.

Talk Rating: 4/5

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