Browns (bank branch) - 12/07/12

The last few Fridays I’ve been terrible hungover, this week wanted to save myself for the weekend, so opted for food over drinks at Browns in Bank. My friend is a bit of a voucher freak and I managed to find a good deal on their website, if you give them all your details they’ll give you a special £29 menu for 2 where you get 2 courses each and bottle of wine. The choice on the menu was pretty good and they also had a few premium options (extra £3). 

The shouting suits were expected but the thumping dance music wasn’t

We arrived in the pouring rain to a cavernous, art deco building. The shouting suits were expected but the thumping dance music wasn’t. After 5 minutes downstairs in the bar area straining to hear we went upstairs. It was a bit more sedate here, but still not quite sure there is the need for loud dance music at 6. I like dance music but when I want to dance.  Rant over; the food was really good no ‘offer’ portions, which you can get at other places and wine passable. Would have preferred more of choice on the wine front, medium rose and only an oaky chardonnay not everyone’s choice, but for tenner a bottle (part of the deal) what do you expect.  All in all would recommend for a smart but cheap night out.

Talk rating: 3/5 bar 3.5/5 restaurant.  

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