The Old Red Cow & Morgan M – 26/07/12

The sunshine this week has been glorious and has resulted in me going out far too much, after a near week of sobriety came a week of wine. Last night though was hubbies birthday and therefore drinking was unavoidable.   

First stop was The Old Red Cow, I had looked it up before and it looked interesting. It has a tiny downstairs bar (see picture)and a  slightly more spacious upper bar, TOP TIP: go up here to get served quicker. There were a surprising number of people sitting inside and with the big window at the front; it was like a mini greenhouse in there.  Some sensible people were catching the rays outside, no official seating but quite a bit of space at the front and the side.  There selection of beer is great and the house wine was very drinkable.  Quite hard to be make an accurate talk rating as not that busy, but no shouty music in evidence. 

Talk rating: 5/5


After a few aperitifs went off to our reservation at Morgan M I have heard lots about it especially when it was in Islington, but as yet never tried it. It was a far more convenient option than the west end, what with the heat and the Olympics. We opted for the tasting menu which was interesting and quite light, very welcome in the heat. The highlights for me were the mackerel and the pigeon, so often this can be tough but was cooked to perfection. The lower notes were grapefruit on my Tuna Tartare and the dessert, wonderfully executed soufflé; I just never find them that interesting. There was a great choice of wines under £40, in fact only a couple were over that, this really marked this place out from west end restaurants.

The service has been criticised in other reviews, but I found it impeccable but formal, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. When asked whether the tune was pole caught they knew immediately it was (or were fibbing, but will give them the benefit of the doubt.)  The ambiance was quite staid, there was some music in the background, but it was so low I couldn’t tell you whether it was Jazz or French. I think in a coupley restaurant like this, and also where you are seated facing the other diners you need a bit more noise, otherwise it feels as though you are eves dropping on others or whispering so others don’t eaves drop on you.  That aside we had a wonderful evening that worked out to be quite reasonable for the quality of food.


Talk rating 5/5 (possibly a little too quiet, don’t like to hear myself breathe)

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